image showing white doves prior to releasing them at a funeral in kentimage showing white doves prior to releasing them at a funeral in kent image showing white doves prior to releasing them at a funeral in kent
image showing white doves prior to releasing them at a funeral in kent

Funeral, Memorial and Remembrance Doves Release


Beau Doves are a professional dove release company. Beau Doves specialise in release white doves at funerals, remembrance services and memorial services throughout Kent, East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Oxforshire, Buckinghamshire (Bucks) and Hertfordshire (Herts).

We have three main packages that provide added meaning and expression to peaceful, dignified and heartfelt occasions.


Releasing doves at a funeral is a beautiful expression of peace and healing, symbolising a feeling of saying goodbye and letting go. In all of the ceremonies we have attended, the releasing of Doves, either by the loved one or by our experienced handlers, gives a feeling of calmness and peace and is a unique way to pay your final respects and gratitude.


Our professional team will work closely with you or your funeral director to ensure the smooth co-ordination of release and the respectful accommodation of your needs. We are always respectful of your needs and grief at this time and will work with you to provide a heartfelt experience that will be remembered by all in attendance.


If you find that the packages below do not fit, with your requirements, please contact us as we can also provide a bespoke service to fulfil your needs.


When we have booked a ceremony we ALWAYS ensure that we arrive on the correct day, place and time.


All of our handlers are professionals and will be dressed to match the occasion.


We mainly provide Dove Release in Kent and the South East. We can work further a field, but only by prior arrangement.


Our three Main packages are as follows:



Package 1 - A Single Pure White Dove Release - £100.00

A single white dove is released in respectful memory of your loved one.


During this quiet moment of reflection,  this single dove being released and soaring into the sky symbolises the lifting of the soul and the beginning of their journey into the heavens above.


You can choose to release the dove from a hand held heart shaped decorative basket by opening the cage or by hand. You also have the choice as to who releases the doves, this can be done either by one of our handlers, a family member or a loved one. Our handlers will be ready to assist with holding and releasing the doves.


Once released our Doves are trained to spread their wings and fly upwards into the sky. They then circle and finally make their way home.



Package 2 - Pair of White Doves - £120.00


This is the same as Package 1 (above), except that 2 doves are released.


The pairing of 2 doves is symbolic of the joining of 2 souls, and is a beautiful way to signify the departure of a second loved one (such as joining an already departed soul).



Package 3 - One Spirit Dove followed by Flock of Doves - £175.00


One spirited dove is released by a family member from our heart shaped baskets. This dove is then followed by the other pure white doves. When in flight this represents angles guiding the spirit dove to heaven.


We understand the hurried nature of planning for funerals. Your call is never too late


Please note that the prices above are dependent upon the distances required for the birds to fly home. If you ceremony package prices is going to be different from those quoted above - we will discuss this with you prior to placing your booking. We DO NOT impose any hidden costs or surcharges on any of our events.


If you would like to enquire about any of the packages listed above, please contact us.